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‘’ In most economies small and medium-sized enterprises provide a major share of employment opportunities. Thus their success contributes significantly to raising incomes and reducing poverty. But SMEs are especially vulnerable to accidental losses, and that vulnerability threatens their viability. An unexpected mishap may force them to suspend operations or cause the loss of their assets, and they might never recover. Many SMEs come and go with the vicissitudes of time, when with better risk management more of them could survive and grow.”

Source: Risk Management for Kenya SME’s, Final Report, July 2010

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Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs), contribute about 45 per cent of Kenya’s GDP. The SME sector also employs about 85 percent of the Kenyan workforce. Kenya’s 2017 overall GDP growth is projected at 6.4 percent with SMEs contributing 3 percent.

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At Besure, we have a passion for providing risk management solutions to SME’s for these key reasons